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Skating clothing and equipment

One of the most important requirements for good fun and great mood is properly selected clothing and equipment. We wear sporty, convenient, practical dresses, in layers. Clothing should not limit our body movements. Appropriate clothing protects us against cold and lets us respond to changes in temperature of the body and the environment. On a skating rink practical is a two-part sport track suit, trousers and a fleece jacket. Very useful is also a sleeveless garment – vest.
The jacket should not be too wide and long. On the other hand, trousers should not have broad legs that may catch on skates. On trousers with wider legs, but not only, one can wear leggings, what definitely solves our problem.
Remember to wear knee-length socks or higher socks made of natural material. This will protect us against feet sores and unpleasant pain.
Gloves, preferably five-fingered, protect us from cold, and soften unpleasant contact with the ice pane when falling.
A hat, thin scarf or handkerchief will also be useful. Head cover will defend us from cold, and provide greater safety when falling. Putting on a helmet definitely improves safety, particularly in children that only begin their skating experience. Almost every child has at home a bike helmet or a helmet used for skiing or rollerblading. If not, this expense will
confirm the sense of our decision to buy a helmet. It will assure us, Parents or Guardians
that we have done everything to ensure safety of our kids.