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Skating is an ideal idea for an active life style. Skating is a sport which will let you preserve overall physical fitness and condition. This is a sport that shapes an ideal body posture. Skating improves motion coordination, strengthens physical fitness, adds a fresh, healthy and aesthetic look. In addition, it refreshes the organism well and develops muscles. During a 60-minute long recreational skating you can lose up to 800 calories.

Figure skating brings great effects not only for the body. It also improves brain ability. Particularly in children. Learning skating fosters formation of new nervous connections in the cerebral cortex. Such characteristics as, among others, ability to concentrate or memorize, depend on them. While learning skating, a child learns, among others, how to take control over coordination of the whole body.

Skating is a social sport. It is true that it is easiest to learn skating for children.
However, at each age you can try and learn skating – nimbly and with grace.
It is never too late. Roller-blading may be helpful in learning skating.
And certainly an experienced, qualified trainer.

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