Ice & Fun has experience in arranging any kind of events, corporate events, promotion, picnics in widely understood figure skating, choreography, dance, including shows on a synthetic skating rink.

Ice & Fun's innovative idea is to organize birthday parties on ice water pane. Ice & Fun offers various themes of birthday parties. In agreement with parents and children, the event may be organized as a sport party with elements of skating classes, competitions. The event may be enriched with shows of professional figure skaters.

It is evident that one cannot miss a birthday cake served by different characters from the world of fairy tales and magic.

A new Ice & Fun's proposal is to organize Santa Claus parties with true Santa Claus on a sleigh, in the company of snowflake ladies dancing skating dance programs. And all this in the rhythm of typical Christmas music.

Events, birthday and Santa Claus events may be organized on synthetic ice. "Synthetic ice" surface is nearly as slippery as real ice. This kind of a skating rink can be built almost everywhere: in the garden, hall, house, sett as well as on grass. This can be great fun for your company employees or children. This can be an original promotion of your company or product. A synthetic skating rink can be built and used in any temperature, in the summer and in the winter.

Ice & Fun invites companies, advertising agencies, individuals to cooperate in organization of any kinds of events as outliined above. In reply to our clients' demands and suggestions, we are ready to prepare for directing of shows, company or product presentations, etc.

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