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Dance is a unique form of spending leisure time. School age is the best period for a young man to develop dancing skills. Owing to dance the man develops a sense of rhytm, shapes the silhouette, produces the habit of "straight back".

Dance sensitizes children to music, develops creativity. It is a form of communication and expression.

Through dance in a group of peers, one may facilitate new and deepen already existing friendships.

Dance makes contacts with the environment easier and milder. And the most important thing is that it lets you spend free moments actively and in motion.

Ice & Fun's offer is focused on children and teenagers who begin learning from scratch and those who are already after first steps in dancing.

We teach in schools and kindergartens. We teach the basics of the dance technique, we emphasize coordination and aesthetic motion, a correct silhouette, shaping of self-reliance and activity in children.

We teach various dance styles. Starting from disco-dance, hip-hop, break–dance, modern–
dance, to ballet classes. We teach dance with smiles on our faces and joy, also in the form of
dancing plays.

We recommend our classes to all who want to spend time in a nice way, develop their physical
condition, motion memory and grace of motion.


The classes are conducted by qualified instructors, specializing in different types of dance. Our offer will be adjusted to meet your requirements with regard to age groups, quantity and type of dance.

Classes can be conducted in English.

You are welcome


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