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Ice & Fun founder, owner, trainer coordinator as well as animator is Renata Aleksander.

My adventure with skating started when I was 4 years old. Then my Dad – a hockey player – took me for the first time to a skating rink.
I started my skating career as a soloist, and only then began skating in sport pairs.

Owing to my success, I joined the group of athletes of the Czechoslovakia national team. I supplemented the list of my successes with the Champion of Slovakia and the Vice Champion of Czechoslovakia titles obtained a few times.

I completed university degree studies at the University of Bratyslava, in faculties: Russian Philology and Physical Education and Sport, major Pedagogy. At the same time I followed studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, specialty – figure skating trainer. I obtained the Master's degree on all the listed majors.

During the studies my supervisor was world-famous Prof. Ivan Mauer, who as one of few initiated studies over skaters' motor activity. His students, including me, actively participated in these studies. During my studies I spent one semester in Russia where I improved my Russian language. Also during the academic career I was training young skaters.

More or less in the same time I joined a group of actors, in which I was dancing for six years. This temporary departure from skating made it possible for me to be later engaged to the "Photographer" musical.

After graduating from the studies I reported to an elimination contest to the world best ice revue Holiday on Ice As it later turned out, I was related with this revue for 10 years. During that time, I performed with the best skaters, among them: Katarina Witt, Claudia Leistner, Norbert Schram.

Thanks to cooperation with the revue I had an opportunity to take part in many TV productions: in one of French programs I co-starred with John Travolta on ice, I performed with Lisa Stansfield and singer Sandra. On the other hand, in Germany, also through Holiday on Ice, I was taking part in fashion shows on ice.

After a nearly ten-year-long career in the revue I settled down in Warsaw where I continued trainer's work. To expand my knowledge, I obtained Aerobics Instructor's Certificate from the Academy of Movement Dance and Fashion.

Now I run Ice & Fun sport club in Warsaw where I train children, teenagers and adults both in figure skating and dance. I organize sport camps and events on ice. Before for almost 10 years together with Jacek Tascher I organized and conducted figure skating, dance classes.

In 2007 and 2008 I received from the company Rochstar and Polish television - TVP2 a proposal to cooperate in creating the "Stars dance on ice" TV show. In this period I was trainer of such stars as: Przemysław Saleta, Rafał Mroczek, Piotr Zelt, Olga Borys, Katarzyna Glinka, Anna Popek, Zygmunt Chajzer, Ewa Sonnet, Jarosław Kret, Maria Sadowska, Przemysław Babiarz, Beata Sadowska, Christine Bien, Ewelina Serafin. In the second edition I was training: Weronika Książkiewicz, Robert Rozmus, Aneta Florczyk, Marek Kościkiewicz, Marcin Janos–Krawczyk, Aleksandra Szwed, Robert Moskwa, Tomasz Ivan, Katarzyna Pietras, Karolina Nowakowska, Marcin Rój, Małgorzata Pieczyńska.

Figure skating is an inseparable part of my life. It has completely filled my professional work area.
It is my passion and hobby. And I can help you fall in love with this beautiful sport.

Renata Aleksander