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Skating first steps with falls

We associate first steps with falls. The main cause of falls is lack of balance that results from the quickly changing center of gravity of our body. Sometimes it happens that we nervously flail our hands. We push out our hips back, unnecessarily stiffen muscles. Immediately we loose balance and after a moment of uneven fight with earth attraction, we land defenseless down on ice.
To reduce the number of falls first for all one should not get discouraged. I can assure you – persistence and subsequent attempts bring unexpected effects.
To prevent falls you should not look at your legs. Eye sight ahead with a perspective of several meters. Slightly bent knees. Upper extremities away from the trunk, but never above the line of breast. Arms naturally lowered. Distance between the feet approx. length of one skate.

We start to learn how to walk on the slippery ice water pane and maintain body coordination. Initially the steps are very small. Do not forget about natural shift of body weight. From one leg to the other. We move slowly into a slight slide. We slightly bent knees and alternately push ourselves out. An indispensable element in skating is the ability to fall down. If we fall, let's remember to bent our knees, bend our trunk ahead and use the aid of the upper extremities – palms. So as to absorb the fall. It is very important to protect your head. In the event falling you bend your head towards the rib cage. After the collapse we want to come back to the standing position. To achieve this, we kneel down on both knees, simultaneously supporting ourselves on both hands. We get up by moving from the knees to a knee bend straightening to the vertical position.

Another stage in learning are different forms of riding forward, backward and braking. Along a straight line, on a curve, on a switchback and a circle. Finally we move to turns, lunges, pirouettes and jumps.

We wish you FUN with Ice & Fun club.