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Skating clothing and equipment

Making the decision to start skating we will have to answer the question: which equipment will we need?

The first thing we need to take care of is selection of suitable shoes with skates.

The shoes should be convenient, preferably leather shoes with classic laces, suited to the feet. They cannot be too narrow or wide or too short or too long. It is also important to check the padding inside the shoe and stiffen the shoe close to the ankle. A leather shoe should not be made from thin leather, bending with any light movement in the ankle. A bad shoe will make it difficult or even prevent skating. It will discourage you from taking up new challenges on ice water pane. We need to remember that the decision on the equipment should be made after putting the shoes on, tying them properly and setting ourselves on the base in the vertical position. Shoes with skates can be bought as a whole or with a slightly greater expense – every part separately (skids). Skates then must be screwed to the shoes with screws into the relevant place on the shoe. Skate location must be along the long axis of the shoe running in the middle of the heel and the sole.

Plastic shoes with skates are less recommended owing to limited movement in the ankle, and hence limited accuracy in the skating technique.

Skates should be sharpened.

When skating equipment is used with a frequency of 1-2 times per week, we propose purchase of your own shoes with skates. Each time rented equipment is shaped by another
person. This makes it difficult to feel the shoe with skates, and hence prolongs the process
of learning skating.

Think for a while – what is more pleasant than putting on your own, convenient skate shoes
and feel like a real professional skater.